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3rd Party Digital Marketing and SEO Vendor Management

Do you often wonder what the hell your marketing agency is telling you? Do you sometimes have zero clue if the deliverables or proposed strategies coming from your SEO or PPC vendors are good or bad ideas? Do the SEO deliverables seem like things you could and should do in-house?

Let Overlap Digital partner with you and your in-house point of contact to your digital agency to better customize your 3rd party vendor services and derive the maximum results.

Overlap Digital will:

  • Consult with you, the client, to fully understand our goals and maximize 3rd party SEO and digital marketing vendor results
  • Oversee and quality analyze strategy implementations and deliverables
  • Prioritize needle moving strategies and eliminate low value or even harmful tactics
  • Consult and sometimes directly implement on strategies and technical issues outside of the range of services provided by your agency
  • Provide expert web performance consulting for faster page speed, higher goal conversions, and better user experience
  • Provide independent data tracking and analysis across all paid and organic channels to manage from a position of knowledge and promote overall team/agency consistency

Digital marketing service providers often get a bad rap about overselling and under-providing. This is often the fault of both clients and vendors. The clients are typically not savvy enough to determine the actual value of many SEO and digital marketing tactics being delivered. Unfortunately your digital marketing company knows that many of the deliverable results are difficult to measure as to the effect on the site's success, especially regarding SEO tactics. Hire Overlap Digital as your SEO and Digital Marketing Vendor Management service to represent your goals and be an advocate for your ROI. We will trim the fluff and dial in the strategy coming from your 3rd party digital marketing vendors.

Overlap Digital has over 20 years of experience in SEO, PPC and all forms of digital advertising. We were around in the Alta Vista days. Many of your marketing agency strategists have less than a year in the business. The talent pool is spread so thin that they rely on sellable, scalable tactics that do not require much experience for new hires such as content writing with little amplification strategy or GMB profile posting.

Many clients are so happy to see a tangible product they actually understand that they miss the obvious downside to paying $150-200 an hour for a 22 year old college grad making $18/hr to write keyword layden content with no real audience growth strategy other than adding words to the site, then hoping the overall domain authority will carry the page to the top of the rankings. And this can be fine for a while until you over-dilute your link authority. These are the kinds of conversations Overlap Digital can have on your behalf with your digital marketing agency and 3rd party vendors.