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A poor performing website is the greatest obstacle to your digital marketing success. With Google now ranking sites based on performance metrics for on-page behaviors, conversion rates and page speed, and content authority, you can not afford to let code or content on your website get stale and steadily degrade over time. Performing technical and content optimization audits with actionable items are crucial to digital growth. For instance, page speed is huge for SEO and conversion rates. This page scores a 99/100 on Google Insights for mobile page speed and 100/100 for desktop.

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We have been managing Paid Search campaigns since before AdWords was a concept. There is no major vertical for which we have not run Paid Search campaigns. With our knowledge of verticals like automotive, retail, B2B, legal, even affiliate arbitrage, we understand how your on-page elements will affect your click through rates, quality scores, bid costs and conversion rates. Our expertise in keyword targeting, Landing Page design and personalization will increase your conversions and lower the acquisition costs over time. Google rewards sites that satisfy their searchers needs.

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Have a custom project in mind and need for an actual web developer with a full grasp of the marketing technologies available rather than a content writer who can now spell SEO? We offer custom web dev services such as extending vertical specific platform website capabilities through scripting, merchandising personalization, A/B testing, video production, WCAG compliance, cross-device and browse functionality, and marketing automation. We have been doing this since the 90's and have a full stack of marketing technology and strategy experience.

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