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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Channel Inspections, Tune-Ups and Roadmaps

Each Digital Marketing strategy service is expressly concerned with increased goal conversions, increased traffic volume, and/or higher user satisfaction.  Each is intended to produce increased traffic and relevancy, increase Brand Authority which is an SEO ranking factor, and/or more favorable paid advertising profitability conditions, directly or indirectly.

Digital Marketing Systems and Process Inspections, Tune-Ups and Roadmaps

Paid AdWords Search Campaign Inspections and Recommendations

  • Determine Click to Conversion Valuation per Ad Group
  • Website Optimization for Keyword to Page AdWords Quality Rating which is a factor in your Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Bounce Rate / Keyword to Page Relevancy Inspection (to trim budget fat and lower the CPC per keyword)
  • Paid Traffic Analytics Benchmarking, Analysis, and Follow Up



Business Listings and Social Media Presence Inspection and Roadmap

  • Audit and Roadmap for Key Influencers starting with Google My Business
  • Audit and Roadmap for Social Media Channels starting with Facebook and Linkedin
  • Analysis of Content Integration Opportunities in Influencer and Social Media Properties
  • Site Structured Data (aka Schema) Analysis for Rich Snippets Potential and Roadmap


Digital Marketing, SEO and Website Vendor Management

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