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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Channel Inspections, Tune-Ups and Roadmaps

Each Digital Marketing strategy service is expressly concerned with increased goal conversions, increased traffic volume, and/or higher user satisfaction.  Each is intended to produce increased traffic and relevancy, increase Brand Authority which is an SEO ranking factor, and/or more favorable paid advertising profitability conditions, directly or indirectly.

Digital Marketing Systems and Process Inspections, Tune-Ups and Roadmaps

Paid AdWords Search Campaign Inspections and Recommendations

  • Determine Click to Conversion Valuation per Ad Group
  • Website Optimization for Keyword to Page AdWords Quality Rating which is a factor in your Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Bounce Rate / Keyword to Page Relevancy Inspection (to trim budget fat and lower the CPC per keyword)
  • Paid Traffic Analytics Benchmarking, Analysis, and Follow Up



Business Listings and Social Media Presence Inspection and Roadmap

  • Audit and Roadmap for Key Influencers starting with Google My Business
  • Audit and Roadmap for Social Media Channels starting with Facebook and Linkedin
  • Analysis of Content Integration Opportunities in Influencer and Social Media Properties
  • Site Structured Data (aka Schema) Analysis for Rich Snippets Potential and Roadmap


Marketing, SEO and Website Vendor Management

Ever wonder what the hell your marketing team is telling you? Have zero clue if it’s a good or bad idea? Do the deliverables seem like things you could and would do in-house?

Digital Marketing service providers often get a bad rap about overselling and under-providing. This often the fault of both clients and vendors. The clients are not savvy enough to determine the actual value of many SEO and advertising tactics they are being delivered and the marketing company knows that many of the deliverable results are immeasurable as to the effect on the site's success. Hire us as an SEO and Digital Marketing Vendor Management service to represent your goals and we will trim the fluff and dial in the strategy coming from your marketing vendors.

  • Consult with client and 3rd party vendor on strategy
  • Oversee and QA implementations
  • Help eliminate low value or  even harmful tactics
  • Data tracking and analysis across all channels
  • Extend vertical specific platform website capabilities through Javascript