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Website Performance and Search Engine Optimization Monthly Packages

Our comprehensive monthly performance auditing and content marketing packages will make sure you are getting more visitors and higher conversion rates. With Google rankings now concentrating on site content, user experience metrics, off-site earned inbound links, and the site's code quality/functionality, you can't afford to let your rankings suffer from content rot, speed problems, or inefficient conversion funnels.

Performance Audit and Strategy

$395 per month
    Increase Traffic and Site Performance:
  • Audit your overall digital brand presence in Google results such as your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, etc.. We start by finding your site the way your customers do.
  • Use Google data and software to check your keyword performance, mobile usability, Google index coverage, site structure, and inbound link profile.
  • Run search engine craw simulators to discover technical issues and performance problems not discovered or reported by Google.
  • Analyse your page speed needed to improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Analyse your Analytics data for insights, opportunities, and issues affecting your site's conversion rates and User Experience (UX).
  • Identify Growth Opportunities and Optimizations:
  • Recommend data-driven SEO Content projects for increased Google exposure.
  • Recommend actionable User Experience (UX) improvements based on data and our 20+ years of best-practices knowledge.
  • Recommend optimizations for the major business listings and review sites, social media platforms, and any product/services aggregator directories in which you have a presence.
  • If running Paid Search advertising, recommend Paid Search optimizations based on our analytics analysis.

SEO Keyword Content Marketing

$395 per month
  • SEO keyword research and competitive analysis.
  • 800 words minimum of targeted, data-driven content creation.
  • Posting of content to social media presence and other strategically chosen channels.
  • Google rankings tracking and trend analysis

Performance + Content Marketing

$710 per month
  • Save over 10% on both services!
  • Let the experts who plan the content strategy also create and implement the process so there is nothing lost in translation.